Canoe Clothing - Required

Canoe Clothing Required

The Challenge requires you to be in your Canoe / Kayak clothing for more than 6 hours in each day. Not only is this much longer than any usual canoe session but in also has other considerations. Primarily that during this length of time British weather can go through “four seasons” in a day, particularly in April when the weather can be very changeable.

So you need to have with you clothing which can cope with:-

Certainly it is highly likely that the mornings will start quite cold, frost is frequent at that time of year. Hopefully by the afternoon it will be pleasantly warm “T Shirt” weather. Water temperature is always going to be cold.

You will obviously need to have clothing which will cope with getting wet, even if you don’t fall in, there will be enough splashing from paddling to thoroughly dampen anything you are wearing.

Most of the River Bank and many of the places you will be embarking or disembarking are deep mud! So leave your " Sunday best " clothing at home.

All clothing must be comfortable to wear after 6+ hours of activity!

Best options:-


Also required to be carried in Dry bag in Canoe


All of above will be required by you with addition of a sports / activity underwear.


It is very important that ALLyour items of clothing have a name label which must be indelible and waterproof!

We could have some 400 items of clothing drying on washing lines overnight.

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