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Welcome to the website of The Severn Challenge.

The next Challenge will take place in 2019 from Monday 8th April to Sunday 14th April

The Severn Challenge is to undertake a canoe journey down the length of The Severn River from the highest point of Severn Navigation, Pool Quay, Welshpool, to Gloucester Docks and then down the Gloucester Canal to Saul Junction.

The Challenge is a challenging event, not a race, to undertake the task of canoeing all 144 miles of our planned journey, about 21 miles per day.

As you undertake The Challenge you can also be raising money, through sponsership, for your own BB Company and other Charities.

Canoeing the River Severn is not technically difficult, so most Company members, even if they only have limited experiance, can attempt The Challenge.

You will be staying with members of the other Companies taking part overnight in different locations alongside the river's course. So there is plenty of opportunity to meet members from the other Companies taking part and share the experiance.

The Website

The pages of the Website can be read as expected from the Menu choices.

These pages answer questions about where the Challenge takes place, daily activity, equipment needed etc.

Some more detailed information will be added as the date for the Challenge gets closer and information becomes available.

Much of the information will becomes availabe as downloads to enable you to use kit lists etc for your preparation


Registration will be open from 5th Janaury

Come and join us, it is fun and a great experiance!

If you want further information you are welcome to email your questions remeber to include your phone number!

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