Required Kit

Equipment and Clothing required

This is a week long water based event.
Thus you will need equipment which is both sutiable for the event, durable, waterproof, and in sufficent quanity, also for your overnight, off water, comfort.

On the Clothing and Equipment pages of this website we have given Lists of what we consider to be suitable and adequate.
You may wish to use slightly differnt or additional equipment and clothing, which provided they comply with the safety requirements of the event will be permitted by the organisers.
If you have any doubt please ask us before the event, we do not want to have to stop you taking part!

Each of the Lists is also available as printable downloads.

We highly recomend that you print these out and use them as check lists whilst preparing to come to the event

Whose responsibility to provide?

Other than those items specifically listed by the organisation i.e.:

it is the responsibility of Participants THEMSELVES - with what ever help their BB Company may offer - to provide or arrange.

We may give help!

Through the BB Canoe Club and other resources we probably know where most things can be borrowed or even hired.

If you want to take part but have not got your own (or Company) canoe, paddles, bouyancy aids etc, ASK!
email The Challenge with a list of what you need
we will attempt to put a source in touch with you.
BUT, make sure you ask at least 1 month before the event!

There are two things which we will be able to provide:

Optional Items

Particpants may also wish to bring additional optional items e.g.:



ALL KIT must be labeled with indelible, waterproof, labels.

ALL Boats and Paddles, need owners name (Just Christian if a person) and a phone number.

All other kit name of owner (i.e. BB Company Name or Person).

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