Other Clothing - Required

Other Clothing Required - Plus

You will need clothing for:-

There are no formal Parades planned to take place as part of event, so Uniform is not required.

However, there will be a closing Ceremony (at Saul Junction) and possibly at least one other publicity activity in the evenings.
Some form of casual clothing with BB identity is preferable for this e.g. BB Canoe Club Hoody, your own Company / Battalion Polo or T Shirt etc.

Otherwise casual clothing for use after coming off water, evening meals, other activity:

You will need enough for 7 days so at least 2 changes.



Clothes Pegs

6 - 10 Clothes Pegs

Suit cases etc

Have at least 3 separate Suit cases or other type of Bag:-

The travel / evening / sleeping clothing & kit may be moved from venue to venue seperately from your canoe clothing.


ALL CLOTHING must have your name indelibly marked on label or have name tag sewn to collar or other suitbale position.

The organisation takes no responsibility for loss of any of your items of Clothing or other Equipment.

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